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Transformation Specialist Denver

The unfair way to crush your competition.

Are you struggling to boost sales, get more customers and grow your business? We can separate you from the crowd. 


We help businesses evolve from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Are you –

  • Lacking technical knowledge to start online marketing?

  • Inexperienced with online marketing tools?

  • Confused about how to use your website and social media to generate sales?

  • Disorganized when it comes to marketing and sales?

We can help.

We are unique transformation specialists that can bring successful solutions that achieve maximum impact on lead generation and sales- helping our clients grow sales.

We offer a complete and comprehensive transformation roadmap.

As our client you will:

  • Learn how to do it.

  • Understand the costs.

  • Plan the resources required.

  • Get answers to specific questions you may have in a one on one forum.

  • Gain an understanding of how to use digital marketing.

  • Achieve realistic results by using brainpower, instead of PowerPoint or Excel with abstract data.

  • Optimize your website to capture sales and potential customers.

  • Achieve commitment, real involvement, and momentum.

If you are ready to start generating more leads and converting more sales connect with us now.

Are you trying random acts of obsolete marketing to get your name out there?

Next steps:

We have a discovery call:

We cover 11 focus questions about your business.

We identify 3 – 4 problems you’re currently facing.

We provide analysis of our discovery call and provide some answers on how to tranform your business.

In our analysis

1) We prioritize action items and areas where we can help.

3) We document what needs to get done, the processes, and who is responsible for each task.

4) We devise how we plan to execute with an agreement to move forward.

Learn more about the Big Winners & Big Losers.

Why we are a “go to” resource for your transformation.

Onboarded with a thoroughly organized transformation strategy with implementation tasks and steps.

Have sharp market clarity of the Ideal Client, Buyers Journey and New Consumer.

Achieve results using brainpower, instead of abstract data.

Have a complete modern direct response system in place.

Have strategic discussions with the best trained, center of influence and connected professionals of Midnight Oil.

Get direct access and coaching from the founders.

Have hands on leadership implementing and coaching you and your team.

Have a team that includes inbound & outbound lead development, lead sourcing, and direct sales.

Achieve commitment, real involvement, and momentum.

Start supporting business proposals in a new marketplace.

Low risk:

Easy cancellations.

Quick and easy onboarding and provisioning.

No long-term contracts.

Full Service Creative

Graphic Design
Website Design
Website Lead Generation
Website Optimization
Graphic Design
Brand Creation
Marketing Creation
Image Edit & Design
Creative Marketing

Monthly Marketing Automation

Overall Benefits: Immediate Leads, Wider Search Coverage, GMB & Organic Rankings, Social Media Signals, Reviews

Primary Result: Increase Website Inquiries, Inbound Calls, Direction Requests, Live Chat via Text

Ancillary Results: Website Traffic, Increased Rankings, Social Media Engagement – Facebook

Monthly Facebook Video Ad Strategy

Monthly Content Strategy

Monthly Manual Citation Strategy

SEO Strategy

Value Add Services

Reputation Management Service – Reporting & Review Software

Basic Web Development Service

Transformation Specialist Denver

Inbound Leads Management

Email Capture and Campaign Management

Call Tracking

CRM database management and reporting

Audience & Target Demographic Research

Facebook Ad Creation & Creative

Video Ad Creation & Creative

Inbound Leads Management

Q&A, Blog Commenting, Guest Posting

Google Analytics

Report on all direct response

Local Search and SEO Audit

Technical Audits

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