A professional business growth strategist that offers full service outsourced sales services.

As a business growth strategist, we offer expertise-as-a-service for small and medium sized businesses. Outsourcing your sales execution to us offers the flexibility to use focused and phased go‐to‐market strategies on national and local levels. Extend your sales funnels with new leads and opportunities.

We tend to outperform your team because:

  • We have proven experience in the sales functions.

  • State-of-the-art processes.

  • Optimized reporting and analysis.

  • Matching skills available in a scalable business model.

Our business growth strategist can suggest some of our service options.

Finding a product/market fit.

Our product/market-fit evaluation is a key part of your Go-To-Market strategy.

We help businesses realign their existing value proposition to the market specifics by talking to real buyer personas within their Ideal Customer Profile.

We provide alternative solutions (internal and external).  Help find fits for your solutions. Learn about competitors and determine if your product/service will fit in the selected market.

Building the repeatable sales model.

Through our outsourced sales model we can sell directly to customers or through various sales channels offering inside sales, field sales, inbound and outbound lead generation.  Our business growth strategist can help build the perfect pattern for your business that can be repeated many times successfully.

Outsourced sales specialists.

We can help in a non-consulting, first-hand, prospect-facing manner.   Our outsourced sales services can include:

  • Inbound lead generation – (content marketing, social selling, SEO experts)
  • Sourcing services – (identifying and prequalifying named target companies and real buyer personas)
  • Outbound lead generation – (cold calling and email prospecting)
  • Sales development representation  (SDR)  services – (qualify, follow up and nurture leads by email and phone and to discover sales opportunities).

Sales execution (Closing the sale)

Qualified leads can be processed by field sales or by inside sales, depending on the complexity of the product, the target segment, and the related sales process.

Inside sales are sales specialists that can present and sell products over the phone and web conferencing tools.

Field sales are what you need for high touch, complex B2B sales to larger enterprises where you have multiple decision-makers involved.

Why outsource the sales execution to Midnight Oil Corporation?

1)            Resources

Many businesses struggle with how to put the right resources to work for growing the business.   We offer modern sales execution skills to pitch new products/services.  As a business growth strategist, Midnight Oil can offer invaluable expertise and provide important knowledge and know how when it comes to growing your business and implementing a sales strategy.

2)            Balanced Go To Market Strategy

Businesses that are not adopting modern go to market strategies approach are being left behind. Midnight Oil Corp focuses on the entire business rather than just the website, and social media, helping to build efficient and effective operations.

3)            Essential Expertise

Midnight Oil Corp offers well thought and critical expertise available to you quickly. We are able overcome language and culture barriers for our clients growing from Mexico to the United States.

4)            Speed to market

Because of the expertise and experience we can offer, your business will benefit by being able to adopt quickly, proactively plan and avoid strategic distractions.

5)            Grow

Make more money by serving clients better, faster, and more effectively by using our services supported by an outsourced sales team provided by Midnight Oil Corporation. The Midnight Oil Corp outsourced sales solution by design is more efficient, automated, and streamlined.

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