The Midnight Oil Corporation outsourced direct sales and marketing Model.

What is sales outsourcing?

Outsourced direct sales and marketing gives parts of your own sales process to our organization.

Outsourced direct sales and marketing helps businesses overcome the challenges of:

  • Lack of expertise and experience in some sales functions (For example, inbound lead generation).

  • Scalability issues (Implementing a full team internally can take time and resources).

  • Cost efficiency (high salaried sales executives doing cold calling).

  • Our organization provides the sales organization structure, processes, and critical marketing initiatives, to grow sales for our clients.

Our systematic on-boarding process and holistic support process allows Midnight Oil Corporation to provide first-hand, prospect facing sales resources in 8 weeks.  We can execute sales initiatives at a scale and pace that conventional approaches can’t match. We offer complete sales development support that includes both inbound & outbound lead development, lead sourcing, and direct sales.

Let us build an effective sales solution for your market expansion.

Our process is designed to meet our client’s goals and provide an open communication forum on the strategic process.

Our client’s:

  • Gain improved understanding of local markets and singularities as well as growth drivers, leading to innovative perspectives (e.g., concerning competition, partners, and targets).

  • Achieve realistic results by using brainpower, instead of PowerPoint or Excel with abstract data.

  • Get United States HQ and Global HQ alignment and accepted prioritization.

  • Find focused and phased go‐to‐market strategies on a national level and local levels as well as extended sales funnels with new leads and opportunities.

  • Achieve commitment, real involvement, and momentum.

Midnight Oil Corporation outsourced  direct sales and marketing services include:

  • Reengagement strategy
  • Consulting
  • Full Brand support
  • CRM & Analytics
  • Researching accounts and generating follow through sales leads
  • Attending meetings, sales events and trainings
  • Reporting and feedback
  • Maintaining and expanding client database
  • Identification and assessment of potential ideal partner(s)
  • Significant growth goals
  • Marketing plans or a firmwide plans and lead generation
  • Expansion into international markets (Mexico to United States)
  • Experienced management and representation

Are you so busy working in your business that you just wish someone would handle all the strategy, lead generation and sales evolution for you? Midnight Oil Corporation is your solution.

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