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About Midnight Oil Corporation

We look at ourselves a little differently.

Midnight Oil Corporation was born from taking a hands-on approach to building companies from the ground up.  We have grown from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to creators obsessed with the growth of our clients.   We apply the founder’s mentality and entrepreneurial experience to an on-point strategy for our clients.

We have worked with all types of clients, huge to small, traditional to modern.  We can provide value across boundaries combining expertise, technology and business strategy.

Take your business to new heights.

Sales Outsourcing Specialists

As specialists, we combine creative ideas with practical experience and implement those ideas with a hands-on approach.  As experts with an extensive professional network we have worked with early stage and established companies in all areas of new business development.  Our services are used to help open doors, gain mindshare and strike new business.

Growth without purpose and planning doesn’t equal pure value (worth).  At Midnight Oil Corporation we help our clients with the entire process of building value while growing sales and customers.   We provide clear and concise plans, advice and services that apply a direct return to the value of the business and is active to growing revenue and sales.


Gregory Tanner

Since 1991 I have been building companies. I have developed strategic solutions for startup funding, marketing, and growth. During the era, I have learned through formal education, mentors and experience how to best use the internet and social media to create influence and accelerate growth for businesses. I continue to improve and broaden my knowledge.  At Midnight Oil Corporation I focus on building long term business relationships providing consulting and strategic engagement to our clients. I am also the founder and active Managing Partner at Aspen Capital Fund.

Angelo Tanner

I have been a serial entrepreneur and operator for over 15 years.   I have experience of building startup businesses and using technology extensively in operations.  I am a trusted advisor to my clients.  I build strategies to grow, scale and mature businesses.  I offer expertise on best in class technology management.  I am the President of Midnight Oil Corporation and implement the leading business growth processes and strategies for our clients.    I am an executive consultant focusing on creating scalable businesses.

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Impact business operations and accelerate scalable growth for ambitious clients with a passion for greatness.

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