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Pitch Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to pitch your opportunity?

Are you struggling to get investor interest and meetings? Are you losing momentum? Are you using a trial and error approach to your capital raise?

We are uniquely positioned to review your pitch and share valuable feedback about doing a capital raise with you and your team.

Through our experiences and curated data, we can help you avoid expensive pitch deck mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, which may result in being prematurely rejected:

  • An incomplete pitch.
  • Messy work with misspellings and irregular formatting.
  • Single‐mindedly describing your product and/or your technology.
  • Sending in unsolicited communication. Specifically, the vague, the rant and the self‐proclaimed unicorn type.

Here is an example:

The Pitch Readiness Assessment uses a personal approach coupled with our curated data to offer a 360‐degree evaluation of your pitch deck AND your overall readiness to do a successful capital raise. It is a structured data approach with human interaction.

We have a unique way to give you an honest investors appraisal of whether you stand a chance of getting invested. Here is what you will get.

o A dry‐run of the pitch
o We will evaluate your pitch deck slide‐by‐slide by educating, strategizing and analyzing the content.
o A 60min 1‐ on‐1 virtual call
o Capital Raise Strategy Analysis
o Next step suggestions
o Up‐to three, 1‐hour virtual sessions with our team
o Immerse and Converse =‐investor readiness!

You’ll get a easy to understand scorecard and you get personal consultation to explain what areas were good and what areas need work.


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