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Company launches fundraising process with a goal of $3 million

Over the last 15 years, health insurance costs have increased more than 200% while personal income increased by only 57%. Large, traditional healthcare insurers control more than 80% of the fully insured and self-insured markets with health benefit plans that give little attention to prevention, accessibility, cost control or quality of care. With a healthcare system as broken as this, the need for new group health benefit solutions is significant. That’s why Innovative Health Holdings (IHH) has planned to launch their technology-enabled group health benefit solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and government agencies. The company has just initiated a fundraising process with a goal of $3 million through private placement.

“It’s no secret the current healthcare system is unsustainable,” explained Ralph Armijo, Founder and CEO of IHH. “All of the leading causes of death and disability – including heart disease, strokes and diabetes – can be prevented or managed. But the traditional healthcare insurers don’t make prevention or management a priority. That’s where IHH is different. Our vision is to make a difference in healthcare by providing better healthcare at a lower cost, especially to small businesses who pay the highest premium dollars and are the most underserved.”

There are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S., representing 99.9% of all businesses. Small businesses employ 58.9 million people, representing 47.5% of all U.S. employees. IHH seeks to reduce employer healthcare costs for these businesses by 20 to 40%, provide better healthcare to employees and provide a high ROI to shareholders.

The foundational infrastructure of IHH’s two companies, PEACEPlan Insurance and CATENAHealth, is already complete. The self-insured level funded PEACEPlan health insurance plan was designed to help small to mid-sized companies control healthcare costs while providing high-quality care. PEACEPlan Insurance aims to manage the risk for employer members, by ensuring the integrity of excess claims incurred by the employer. CATENAHealth is focused on product innovation, offering the creativity and innovation to develop benefit design, technology requirements, vendor partnerships and go-to-market strategies. Investments made in the fundraising process will be made in IHH, representing ownership in both wholly owned subsidiaries.

For those interested in making an investment in Innovative Health Holdings, they can find additional information at or contact Ralph Armijo at