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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                            September 24, 2020

(Denver, Colo.) If you’re an entrepreneur ready to drive real results, this new newsletter may be for you. Cashletics has just released a bi-weekly newsletter that reverse engineers the successful strategies that pros use to make money. The newsletter shares tips, tactics and legit ideas that will help any entrepreneur make money.

“We know entrepreneurs want practical, proven ways to be successful and make money,” explained Greg Tanner, Founder of Cashletics. “They don’t have time to read about concepts and theories that don’t have any real-life application. That’s why our newsletter is focused on the actual step-by-step tactics for how to hustle and how to get paid.”

The Cashletics newsletter has five main topic areas:

  • Featured hustle – effective business ideas you won’t get anywhere else
  • Cashletes – inspiring doers that will motivate you to get to work
  • How-to tips – practical solutions to your challenges
  • Essential tools – tools to make your hustle easier
  • Virtual vacation – wanderlust stories that will inspire you to see the world

Cashletics is more than just a newspaper, it’s a lifestyle brand built specifically for entrepreneurs. You can build connections with other entrepreneurs via the Cashletics Facebook group. You can also tell your entrepreneurship story on social media using the hashtag #legitcashletics. You may even get some free swag, since Cashletics was initially founded as a streetwear apparel company.

Ready to start hustling like a pro? Sign up for the newsletter at