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1. In half a dozen ways uniquely customize your pitch, office setting, team, materials, branding, marketing and your time investment to that specific niche type of investor. This will make it easier to get the meeting and close.

2. Write carefully written 1-2 sentence emails that get straight to your unique offering and briefly explain what makes you superior from the competition and past deals the investor has declined before.

3. Focus on adding value first, get their family business a new client or distribution partner, help a family member of theirs, contribute, and build a relationship before asking for an investment.

4. While everyone emails investors trying to pitch, you’ll want to do the opposite. Meet face-to-face instead of pitching over email or the phone. In times like these, use video calls – emails that are invitations to meet in person get more responses.

6. Be #1 in a sub-niche of your industry to speak and position around your unique strengths, valuable investors see lots of “noise” and need to kill ideas in 15 seconds or less if they are not compelling.

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